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Gimp Tutorial for the Expressn Candle Animation


A Gimp Tutorial for the Expressn candle animation.

Some of you were curious about the Xmas Candle so I decided to reveal all details. See it as an XMAS gift.

Expressn Candle dark brown background layer in Gimp.

A screenshot of my Gimp (Gnu IMage Manipulator) screen with the tutorial file opened. This is GIMP under Debian GNU/Linux on a 1 GHz shoebox computer. Who needs more? Unless you run games or rendering on the machine.

Spreading a viral XMAS candle without server overload - testing Coral CDN caching


Want a cute animated gif XMAS candle on your web page? Sorry, come back in January - Not!

It was close, but eventually I found a promising solution for the bottleneck that forces everyone to load the .gif from my server. Coral CDN caching. Feel free to copy some HTML and try it on your own webpage to see if Coral can take the heat so the bottleneck really is gone.

XMAS 2007 - a candle burning down to XMAS for your web page


Read on to learn how to get your own Christmas candle that slowly burns down toward Christmas day-by-day.

Expressn candle burning towards XMAS.

An Expressn XMAS candle for your own web page is simple to get. Copy a few lines of HTML. Then our EXtremely PREStigous and Smart N-counter (Expressn) handles the rest.

Cut-and-paste HTML code for the candle is provided here:
An XMAS candle for your own web page.

Tutorial if you like the idea but think you can improve it:
How to make your own candle - including GIMP GIF animation tutorial.

Then you'll have a similar candle as the one beside this text.

There is no registration or hurdles. Just paste the HTML into your WWW page. Our Expressn counter makes the rest.

iPhone Stock Market Reaction - "Perfect Information" or Just Emotions?


I'm thinking of all those stock market theories assuming everyone on the market to have "perfect information" and base all decisions on it.

Then I see a drop on Nokia and Ericsson as an answer to the new iPhone. Nokia is a no-brainer. Even I can understand it. A strong competitor enter the scene with a very concrete offer and an existing hungry customer base ready to buy it instantly.

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