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Gimp Tutorial for the Expressn Candle Animation


A Gimp Tutorial for the Expressn candle animation.

Some of you were curious about the Xmas Candle so I decided to reveal all details. See it as an XMAS gift.

Expressn Candle dark brown background layer in Gimp.

A screenshot of my Gimp (Gnu IMage Manipulator) screen with the tutorial file opened. This is GIMP under Debian GNU/Linux on a 1 GHz shoebox computer. Who needs more? Unless you run games or rendering on the machine.

Larger version of the GIMP screenshot

Introduction - Expressn Candle Animation with GIMP

This is a rather brief tutorial, but contains all files and steps required to make your own candle animation. I mean I'm not an artist - I'm in ideas. My job is done since the candle works. It's implemented. Now it's your turn to improve it and present a truly awesome candle for XMAS 2007.