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Expressn - XMAS candle with EXtremely PREStigous and Smart N-counter

Expressn candle burning towards XMAS.

To get a candle on your WWW, just copy and paste this HTML:

<a href="" title="Expressn XMAS candle. You too can get an EXtremely PREStigous and Smart N-counter." target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Expressn candle burning towards XMAS."></a>

Then you'll get a similar candle as the one beside this text.

It's though important that you copy the HTML as provided. We want others to be able to click on the candle to go here and learn how to get a candle too. And we want the search engines to find us too. If this is not fulfilled is the candle image disabled.

Gimp Tutorial for the Expressn Candle Animation if you want to learn how to draw your own candle.

Idea and copyright 2006, and Mårten Norman (from