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Old Sony Ericsson Charger CST-13 - risk of "Rapid Disassembly", Fire and Electric Shock

This is old news indeed(from around 2003-2004), but I'll keep this as a reference. I had to dig for the details since I got some legacy Sony Ericsson equipment and happen to remember a product recall for a limited batch of the CST-13.

As far as I understand was the batch(es?) mainly sold in United Kingdom and Australia, but you never know in a global world.

Identification of ths CST-13 batches:
UK: Faulty Sony Ericsson UK-charger: CST-13, produced by Delta
Identified by 'Made in Thailand by Delta' and the unique ID number: BML 162 099/3 R1A
Australia: Sony Ericsson 2-pin Mobile Phone Chargers, marked "Made in Thailand by Delta" with the serial number BML 162 099/4 R1A

There might be more, but those were the ones I found. There is a potential risk of a component failure that might the break the plastic and/or cause fire.
My guess is that some component -- like an electrolytic capacitor -- might get overloaded and burst due to some error in the component's specification.

As for the term "rapid disassembly" instead of "explosion". It might sound like a play with words but there is an important point; an explosion generates a shock wave and would generally smash the enclosure into small splinters. "Rapid disassembly" is a slower process. There will be a bang and there can still be pieces flying around, but it is by no means as dangerous as a real explosion.

It is also worth nothing that Sony Ericsson has a huge number of independent manufacturers of the CST-13 beside Delta in Thailand. This charger was the standard charger for every phone and accessory during several years. If I understand right was CST-13 the "green" charger to be used back when Sony Ericsson decided to completely stop using chargers which consumed power when not charging the phone. The deprecated technology is easy to recognize if your habit is to keep it plugged in even while not charging the phone; if it feels hot -- then it's a power waster.

UK CST-13 recall
Australia CST-13 recall
Wikipedia on "Explosion"
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And my memory, which is similar to Wikipedia. Good start -- but get a second source before you trust it :)