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If Google Owe you cash. Blog to Wake Google's Cyborg Cloud up.

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Famous blogger Guy Kawasaki complained in a sidenote over his trouble of getting his Adsense paycheck from Google. The Adsense product manager read his blog and solved the issue within fourteen hours. On a national holiday.

This is another tiny Cyborg Cloud proof I'm collecting. Evidence that information on the net eventually reach its destionation. That those who really care about an idea or some information is likely to find it in the noise.

In this case Google's Adsense product manager Rob Kniaz was the one who cared. He was probably not the first one to spot it, but one thing is obvious: the Google Cyborg Cloud saw a problem and escalated it to Senior Level within hours.

Maybe it was just a happy coincidence or the result of corporate culture? Chance is was, but one thing is sure. If I was working for Google, I'd made efforts to let the data centers or spiderbots look carefully for text mentioning Google in a bad context. Just to make it possible to do things like this.

Intending to be #1 in searching and context understanding implies that you want to be a copycat of the Kibo and thus you will scan for yourself. And sort things in priority piles, where anything possibly bad has to be escalated to a human (hi there - the bots just escalated this article to you :-). Just speculating of course, but I expect Googgle to have at least a big pile of staff smarter than me - thus they got it. Or in other words - why not Google yourself when you are Google yourself?

And this kind of escalation is just what Cyborg Clouds are about. Machines are machines and humans are humans but they collaborate in clouds that get a mix of human and machine properties. Clouds that both has muscle to browse all of the net and brains to handle unfamiliar and new things. Several machine's muscle and several human brains combined in a cloud. A Cyborg Cloud.

Guy Kawasakis original blog including the sidenote and edit reporting it resolved.

My original article in Swedish on the Cyborg Cloud subject Cyborgmoln - människor och maskiner i samarbete. Maybe I should translate it? I doubt the interest is that big, but if it should get a few hundred hits from outside Scandinavia I'm prepared to do it.

The article on Swedish Idékampanjer that inspired me to see the connection between the Google Adsense sidenote in Guy Kawasaki Blog and Cyborg Clouds.