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iPhone Stock Market Reaction - "Perfect Information" or Just Emotions?


I'm thinking of all those stock market theories assuming everyone on the market to have "perfect information" and base all decisions on it.

Then I see a drop on Nokia and Ericsson as an answer to the new iPhone. Nokia is a no-brainer. Even I can understand it. A strong competitor enter the scene with a very concrete offer and an existing hungry customer base ready to buy it instantly.

If Google Owe you cash. Blog to Wake Google's Cyborg Cloud up.

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Famous blogger Guy Kawasaki complained in a sidenote over his trouble of getting his Adsense paycheck from Google. The Adsense product manager read his blog and solved the issue within fourteen hours. On a national holiday.

This is another tiny Cyborg Cloud proof I'm collecting. Evidence that information on the net eventually reach its destionation. That those who really care about an idea or some information is likely to find it in the noise.

Merry XMAS and a Happy New Year

Ett litet blått spöke saboterar IKEAs miljöprofil, men en liten idé kan göra stor skillnad.


Det lilla blålysande spöket SPÖKA från IKEA kunde varit en del av lösningen. Tyvärr är det en del av problemet.

Hur kan ett gulligt spöke vara ett problem? En sån utmärkt idé dessutom. Ett litet laddningsbart spöke som lyser tryggt i mörkret med ett blått sken. Perfekt för barn som vill ha en lampa tänd. Nu kan de rentav ha lampan med sig i sängen eftersom det lyser utan sladd halva natten i alla fall. Och med sladd lyser det hur länge som helst.

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