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Google April-1 Expressn feature/bug revealed.

Getting to the top of a google search used to be hard, but today it's easy. Apparantly the patented Page Rank algorithm contain a hidden Easter Egg.

During April 1 is googlebot looking for a secret command in your page title. If the command is there, your page will immediately be ranked as #1 for the word at your choice. For example, putting Cyborgmoln as #1 is as simply as naming a page

Google April-1 Expressn is 'Cyborgmoln'

That's it! Been there, done that. Just search for Cyborgmoln to see for yourself. I ran the command back at April 1 2006, which proves the effect is more or less permanent. Simply add the secret code on April Fools Day and you have instantly climbed to number one in the SERP. Truly amazing, isn't it?

Further explanation of the bug and relevant information for interpreting this article in full can be found here.

The nature of the April-1 Expressn bug/feature is easy to understand when knowing that Google likes to perform stunts like this Google April Fools Day prank just that this Easter Egg happens to hide some unexpected side effects that makes it both permanent and open to the wide public. Since every gullible reader has ran away by now to rename their pages to Google April-1 Expressn is 'something' I can just report that the weather in Stockholm is warm and nice. And how amazed I am over the fact that no matter how outspoken you are, there seem to always be some people who just don't see it is a joke and start whining over too subtle jokes. Thus I more or less expect some poor gullible souls to believe this is a true story. But frankly, I think I have done a lot more than required to give even the most gullible person's a fair chance. By the way, did you know it is spelled "gulible"? Most people is spelling it wrong with two l's.