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Idéer om idéer


Background story of the Expressn Candle Tutorial


It started with an idea of making something fun and interesting on Cyborgmoln for Christmas. Some funny or cute pictures maybe? And why not animated? Good idea but not too innovative. And I'm no big artist or cartoonist either.

Workflow for the Expressn Candle - doing GIF Animation with GIMP


Work flow to make a candle that has burned down yet another day.

Note: This is an "Howto" description. If you just want something simple and readable, read the introduction instead.
For the text below, you are assumed to have GIMP running with the provided file and follow the text step by step. Provided that, it is very obvious how to do step-by-step and easy to learn how it works - even for a GIMP beginner.

Download - Expressn Candle Animation with GIMP

Expressn Candle Animation in GIMP .xcf format. Download here

If you need the GIMP too, it can be downloaded here. Free as in both "free speech" and "free beer".

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